Friday, December 5, 2014

What does the size of a garment mean?

What does the size of a garment mean? definitions it as: "One of a series of graduated measures for articles of manufacture or trade:
children's sizes of shoes."

It's simply a letter or number someone has deemed that "size" for a  particular piece of clothing. 
As I've begun selling a few clothing items I've realized each company has different sizing:  some of the items may come in "true to size" (whatever that means) and some items made by that same exact company may run small or large. Some items come in larger in the bust, some come smaller in the shoulders, some come narrow in the hips, some come so stretchy this fit "almost" everyone...all of which they have deemed a size M. (Yikes)

Before I started selling clothing, I didn't realize how insecure ladies are about the size of clothing they may have to wear. 
I feel like I'm constantly saying... "The size doesn't actually matter, its how the piece fits your body and how you feel in it. Plus, you can always cut that size tag out..."
Much like the clothing we are ALL shaped and sized differently and our hips, busts, waists, legs, thighs, calves, arms, ankles, feet, etc are ALL shaped and sized differently too. AND THAT'S OKAY! 

I know that I am currently a size 2 to 10 and a size XS to XL... its depends on the brand, shape of the garment, fabric, and if it is going on my top half or bottom half... 
There are A LOT of factors that go into what size I may end up with. 

When the garment you choose fits YOUR body, that's when you look your best. No one is looking down the back o your top to check out the size...all they will notice is that it fits you correctly and you look amazing. When you choose an garment based on size and not fit, you end up looking like you borrowed your outfit from a toddler or your dad or your daughter or some girl on the street. You want YOUR clothing to FIT YOU not the "size" you wish you were (too small) or the "size" you think hides it all (too big). Wearing too large or small of clothing makes you look bigger. 

If your wondering how to dress your body shape to show off your best "assets" just stop in and let me help. Sometimes its simply the placement of a belt, a or the length of a skit or shirt and voila you'll see yourself in a whole new light! Find your Fabulous and let it out! And please, please, please stop making all those terrible comments about your body, BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE INSIDE AND OUT! 
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How to: Leg Warmers, Boot Cuffs and Boot Socks

Leg Warmers, Boot Cuffs and Boot Socks are trending right now, but the real question is
"How do you wear these?" 

I've been hearing this question a lot lately because I have several styles in the boutique. As always the easiest way to show people is with some great example. 

**Warning- Do NOT wear these with your gym shoes. These are NOT the same things you wore in the 80's. They are technically the same, I suppose, but worn in a more figure flattering way.**
How To Wear Combat Boots with dresses | This year’s winter fashion is obviously filled with boots, sweaters ...LOVE this look -- Ive never worn it, but oh how I would love to!Dirt Don't Hurt: Knit Boot CuffsBow Boot Cuffs ∙ How To by Kim S. on Cut Out + KeepWedge boots with socks. Now i know how to wear my shoes and not look goofy with my skinny legs.Vintage Floral Over the Knee SocksVintage Floral Over the Knee Socksim starting to like those little boot ruffles :)going out to look for this outfit!I think I’ve told you about these before. But how cool! Wearing these boots at least twice a day myself, this is not only a great fashion statement (? lol), but it warms up the inside of the boot. I really like them, and will definitely knit some up.  From Knit Outta The Box

Why we need a pair this seasons:

  1. They are adorable (obviously) 
  2. They make any jeans & T outfit look so amazing without any extra effort
  3. They keep your warm
  4. Perfect with jeans, leggings or bare legs
  5. They can dress up any ol' outfit

Hope this helps keep you trendy and fabulous! 

If you have any questions on style tips and tricks comment below or stop by!

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