Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leggings & all the questions we have about them

Am I too old? Are they flattering? Are they appropriate? How do you wear them? Can I wear them? Are they too much of a trendy thing?

Ladies - Leggings are great for every woman, it's not about CAN you wear them, its about HOW you wear them.
They can be worn to work, out with the girls or to walmart.. 
Simply follow the rules and ideas below so your wearing them in the best and most flattering way.

For which body type would leggings be suitable?

If you follow some of the guidelines below, all body types will be able to wear leggings
1. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. No matter your age or your size, still not pants.
2. Treat leggings as they are thick tights..again not pants.
3. Always make sure your booty and crotch are covered by your top (dress, tunic, lace slip dress, etc)..because again they are NOT pants. 
4. Don't wear super tight tops with leggings, always remember to pair tiny(tight) bottoms with loose/flowy tops. Similar to the "if your showing off your legs cover your chest" or "if your wear lots of eye makeup go for a nude lip" etc. you don't have to wear lots of tight clothing to be sexy. 
5. Stick with darker colors (this goes for jeans too!)

What garments work well with leggings?

Leggings are ideal to combine with tunics and short dresses. I often wear a short dress over leggings. Leggings are also great contenders to wear with boots. In general, your ideal garments to combine with leggings include:
  • Tunics
  • Slip Dresses (available at Lyn-Maree's)
  • Slip Skirt/Shirt Extenders (available at Lyn-Maree's) 
  • Short dresses
  • Long knitted sweaters
  • Boots
  • Longer asymetrical pieces
  • Long cardigans
  • Big wide sweaters (depending on your shape always belt these)
  • Sweater dresses

What not to wear with leggings over 40

  • Avoid any tops that are higher than mid thigh
  • Don’t wear tops that are too tight
  • Avoid animal prints and disco fabrics.
  • Avoid any way you wore them in the 80's

What is the ideal length of your leggings

You can never go wrong with full length leggings (ankle or slightly bunches at ankle). These elongate and will make your legs appear longer. Another length I like in warmer climates is just below the knee. If you are short though, mid calf and short leggings should be worn with caution as they will make you look smaller.

Which shoes to wear with leggings?

It is great to wear a shoe in the same color as your leggings as it elongates your legs even further. Tall, flat boots are a "go to" in the winter. Try short booties and ballet flats in the fall and spring. Heals can be a yes, but proceed with caution here, always be sure your wearing ankle length leggings with heals and a dress.
**Never wear leggings with tennis shoes... remember ladies this is NOT the 80s**

What about jeggings, skinny jeans or printed leggings?

For me the same rules that apply to leggings also apply to jeggings and printed leggings. Always be sure to wear a PLAIN top with printed leggings, and add some accessories (statement necklace) to draw the eye up to your face. Stick with a vertical print. 
With skinny jeans, make sure you stay away from very tight fitting tops. 

As always if you are still unsure or need any help at all just stop in and I'll be happy to help!