Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashion Eqinox!

How many clothes in your closet are things you'll never wear? Did you get a great deal but it was an originally expensive item and you just can't part with it? We all know we do this from time to time. Well, even though the temps are telling us it's still winter, the time is here to take an inventory of our wardrobe, including our accessory wardrobe.

Valentines Day is right around the corner so think what you might be doing! Romantic dinner? Weekend get away? What are you wearing? Omg! What a problem! Lucky you! But seriously, what are you wearing? Romantic dinner? Why not wear a black pencil skirt, white or cream shirt, add a belt and pearls mixed with longer chains, and since it is a romantic thing, unbutton the top button and flip up your collar a bit. Add a cardigan if its chilly and VOILA! You already have these in your wardrobe! These are items you want to always keep and keep them updated and ready to wear.

Weekend get away? Well this can be a little more complicated, since activities can be a mixed bag. Travel clothes can be as simple as your favorite pair of jeans, longer top accented with a great scarf, some heels and an amazing pair of earrings with a stack of bangles! Darn, you look great! Maybe, it's time to update those accessories, a new scarf here can be added to those favorites from your wardrobe, updating the look with this seasons hottest colors for not a lot of money.

Then we have spring break, Easter and the fashion equinox called SPRING. Going back to that overstuffed closet, pick out those pieces that can be transitional, such as a long sleeved tee, this can be great spring and summer ware if accessorized with spring/ summer colors and style. Lyn Marees always has the latest items at a reasonable price with the best advice around to help you set your style. And the big plus there is that we do buy single items, so you'll never see yourself coming down the street, unlike the box stores.

After you plan out your upcoming spring schedule, pick out those clearance items, things that have possibly shrunk in the closet, we always have those, (ha) and maybe things that no longer fit your lifestyle, due to career change, retirement, etc and neatly fold and put in a box. Really look honestly what you need, have you ever worn it, have tou worn it in the last six months? If not add it to that box. Also examine pieces for disrepair or wearing at this time... Remember this means old accessories as well! How long do we keep a single earring, hoping the mate will magically reappear? These practices done twice a year will give you a lot of room you swore you didn't have and give you the opportunity to update your individual style. Lyn Maree's specializes in individuality, showing you how and what you need in a single visit. Always receiving new merchandise and tips, Lyn Maree's is always prepared for a wardrobe update, or a special occasion.

I do want to ask you to consider an idea that will not only make you feel great but will also do a world of good. Remember that box of neatly folded great items that you have smartly decided to purge, including some accessories that maybe just didn't suit your new style.. consider donating these quality items to a local women's shelter. The women that are there are often victims of domestic violence. Sometimes they escape with only the clothes on their backs. They need these items to interview for jobs and to start new lives with dignity. They also have children, that also, sometimes arrive with nothing. Others are young pregnant girls that are in need of everything! So, for them, not only clothes and accessories to help them start their lives as single mothers, they need things for the babies. So when you get your closet done, if you have children do theirs as well. Please do consider doing this. You might even want to talk to your friends about doing the same. Talk about this at church, book club, sorority, even work and do it as a group project. Inspire others to donate. Lyn Maree's has always been very involved with women's charities and we just want you to be able to feel the knowing you've made a difference.

Have a remarkable spring!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Did you know Lyn Maree's did that?

Here it is, the middle of January all ready and spring break, spring weather and special event time is getting near! It is time to re-new your wardrobe and your state of mind.

I got to thinking about all the services that Lyn Maree's offers to help you look and feel your best. We encourage customers to discuss their wardrobe issues with us, we have more tips and advice than you can imagine. Whether it is scarf fashion or accessory wearability, we have you covered.
Many clients bring in the fashion piece they are planning to wear and our knowledgable staff can coordinate a look that is unique for you. One that not only will look great, but one you will feel comfortable with. There is a balance that we do understand.
We can view a photo of a prom dress, wedding gown or bridesmaid dress and offer a variety that suits your dreams all at a reasonable price. We understand necklines, color and fashion to give you the look you desire, while wearing a piece that you can rest assured that no one else is wearing.
I recently had a friend call me having difficulty packing for a cruise to Belize. I might mention, I didn't feel to sorry for her! But once my jealousy was in check, I reached out to her about packing a solid color palette that she could stretch with scarves and accessories. These items fit in a much smaller area than more clothing. And who wants to pay for extra baggage. I went over her activities and I helped her put together a complete vacation wardrobe with less than half the clothes and only adding four scarves (one worn two ways) and 3 statement pieces . If you come in to Lyn Maree's we can do the same for you.
Did you know we could do these things for you?
Lyn Maree's also offers workshop type events, guest speaking and in store private parties. Call today to book your next event or book a really fun night out with some great deals for you and your guests.
I hate to say we do it ALL, but we almost DO.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's your comfort zone?

I have a simple question for you! When did you change your hairstyle last? I don't mean wearing a baseball cap or pulling it back as a change. I mean a really new style, not just a trim. I'd bet more than not, you have to really think about it. Why is that? I sugest that it is a comfort thing! Ok, got your hair styles five years ago and have it all figured out how to maintain it, so it is just easier to keep it. This is human nature, nothing to be ashamed of, but something you need to be aware of.
I have another question for you... I may have several, I'm still thinking! Lol. How many of you get your nails done? Shellac, gel, acrylic, what ever, I'll bet you are staying in the same color palette as you've worn for years. Sometimes when asked, women will say, I've always been a pink person... WHAT! Really??? I can tell you that we are never, a fill in the blank, person all the time! I know for a fact, what I absolutely loved when I was 25, I don't much care for now although at the time I though things were the end all. I sometime look at my wedding china choice and wonder what the hell was I thinking!
For our really young readers, I'm sure you can never imagine yourself in an SUV or minivan, swearing that your sporty little car is the only type you'd be caught in! Well, little sweeties, let me explain. Once children come into your life, all bets are off! But this is an example of us actually changing, but only because necessity is dictating us to do so. Again, human nature.

So, why do we fight change so much? Change is something that renews our spirit, renews others perception of us, and opens all sorts of new doors and avenues to explore. Simple changes are the easiest to make. A new hair style, new makeup colors, new accessories that are different than what you've been wearing can open a whole new world of style.

Style should be personal, one no one can exactly duplicate. Make it YOURS! Look at fashion, look in magazine, online ,wherever. Ten pick out things you like about these looks and adapt it to you. I recommend using There you can get the latest fashion colors, trends and great ideas to inspire your look. Emphasis on the word INSPIRE. Remember, your body type may not allow for some very chic styles, but some part of the look will. Take into consideration your coloring, body type, and age. Pick colors, whether for fashions or your hair that flatter you. Use colors that just aren't right for you away from your face for example. Try a "younger" shade of nail polish. Try high lighting your hair or getting it cut. Keep it fresh and you will find that you too don't like everything nearly as much as you thought. Adding a new scarf or statement piece to an old top can update and renew your style and you. It's not how much you have to spend on new items, it's only that you have to spend some thought!

A Lyn-Marees you can experiment with thousands of combinations and be assured that you are receiving truthful advise while avoiding sticker shock! In an effort to maintain an individual look, we only purchase one of each item, so when you pick up a piece here, you know you are not going to see it on anyone else in town! One less thing to worry about! Chain stores can not offer this unique service, they have buyers that buy in volume for thousands of stores. We handpick each piece and only buy for you. Keep this in mind and get out of that comfort zone and have a very exciting New Year!