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How to Rock Your Boots

There are so many types and styles of boots today and many of you are wondering "How do I wear them?" "Am I wearing them correctly?" "Can I wear these even though its not winter?" "Are boots appropriate for a wedding?" "Do I need to wear ankle or knee length?"

Well ladies, you're in luck, I am here to help!

Ankle Boots 
The most versatile boots because they are nearly season-less. They are perfect for spring and fall, great in the winter and you can even rock them in the summer with the right outfit.
The thing I think most women struggle with with the ankle boot is how to wear them properly with jeans and leggings {the most common way they are worn}.

Cuffing your jeans is the key for the ankle boot 
Ankle boots look amazing with jeans, they give off an effortless feel that looks fantastic. Cuffing your boot just right is the key, the images below will help. What I have found is the less worried I am about the cuff, and making it a little messy the better it looks.

Source                              Source

Wearing with Ankle Boots with Leggings 
Ankle boots and leggings are my favorite combo. I personally wear my extra extra think Nikibiki leggings with my black ankle boots almost every day...I love to be warm, cozy and look good. With leggings you want to still have a touch of your ankle showing. With the extra think leggings I actually cuff them like a jean. The photo of the right she is rockin' her booties with thick socks, a great option for added warmth, with this trend you need to be sure and pair this look with a simple tunic/sweater {you don't want to pair it with anything too long or the look will get too bulky} The sock trend is also best for those ladies with great legs or tiny ankles. It's all about Balance.


Ankle Boots in the Warmer Seasons 
Ankle boots are the perfect transition shoe for every season or any chilly summer evening. They are perfect with skirts, maxi's, shorts and dresses. In doing this look be sure your socks go unseen.



Knee High and Thigh High Boots 
I have always loved knee high boots because they do a great job at hiding my very white legs. Plus they are super cute. There are plenty of varieties for every day to evening. The biggest problem women have with boots now are them fitting their calves, not all women have tiny little barbie legs are that is just fine. They do make "wide calf" boots now! They are more easily found in larger box stores or online. BUT if you don't want to mess with all of that, simply stick to the ankle boots! 
Knee High 
You can go with a heel or rider {flat} boot. These are great for work, hanging out or rock the heel for and evening out. Knee High Boots are super easy to rock and there is not really a wrong way to wear them!
Boots can be worn with leggings, bare legs, skinny jeans, or even over the boot {this really only works with heeled boots & be sure your boot cut jeans just graze the middle of the top of your food, that's how you know they are the correct length {not to short and not too long}.
Don't have a pair of skinny jeans? No problem, you can make them skinny by cuffing them!
This style of boot works best with the leg warmers, boot cuffs, boot socks. You can add them to help balance out an outfit, add some bulk to the top of your boot or even just add for a "pretty". When adding these to an outfit be sure you don't have too many trending/frills/colors/etc happening with your outfit.


Over the Knee
Over the Knee boots have always had a "naughty" connotation {yes, like Pretty Woman}. I  however have always like them because they cover almost your entire leg which keeps you warmer and again no one is seeing my very white legs. This is definitely a style that is easier to wear if you have great long legs BUT can also look fabulous on anyone {assuming id you have larger legs or very muscular legs you can find some that fit correctly}. The most important thing to know about the over the knee boot is that they need to fit slightly loose on your thigh, make sure they are not pinching or compressing your legs at all. This is going to make you look bigger.
Here are some great outfit options that includes jeans, bare legs and leggings.


Ankle or Knee Length Boot?
This is one of those things that is completely up to you! If you are ever wondering, simply put one boot on one foot and the other style on the other foot and look in a mirror then rock the one you love the most! When dressing down go with a flat boot, then choose between ankle or knee. When dressing up go for the heel, then choose between the ankle or knee {ankle is going to be dressiest}

How Dressy is your Boot?
Black/Dark Chocolate "shinier" heeled boots are the dressiest style of boot {to keep it simple}
Plain ankle are always going to be dressier than a knee/above length boots.
Here is how I persoanly determine what shoes are acceptable for the event {and YES even when its freezing and snowing you should not just wear the boots because they are warmer and more confortable... sorry guys!}
Wedding/Special Events
                - Boots are acceptable IF it is a non-formal event {business casual to casual}
               -  Boots are NOT acceptable for a formal/semi formal event {cocktail, formal, black tie}
The invitation to the event will hopefully help you in determining formality - always check out the location of the event, style of the invitation, is the event inside or outside, does the invitation tell you what attire to wear, can you check online {website or Facebook} to get some more specific information or check out images from past events to see what attire others wore.
**The dressiest boot is going to be a heeled, simple, shiny leather ankle boot.**

Find your fabulous,

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

To Wash or Not Wash

Ever wonder how often you should wash your leggings, sweaters, winter wear?
I know we all hate doing the laundry and want our clothing to last longer so sometimes we don't wash clothing as often as we need to...

And another thing, why does everything say "hand wash only"? No one is really going to hand wash all their clothing {{who has time for that!}} No worries here! All the staples at Lyn-Maree's have been seriously tested by Emma herself {who is a terrible laundress, so if she hasn't ruined it, you should be just fine}. My biggest tip for everything is Garment Bag - Cold Water - Gentle Cycle - Hang or Lay Flat to Dry

So after some research {and what I personally do} here is what I have found.

Leggings/Yoga Pants - Every 2 wears
                *Unless you worked out in them, then ONE wear, putting on clothing you have previously sweated in can clog your pores with your own bacteria {{yuck}}
                How to Wash - gentle cycle, cold water, and hang dry {if they are a nicer material you can pop in the dryer for a few minutes on de-wrinkle *NIKIBIKI can be dried for a few minutes no problem} 
Scarves - 4 times a season 
               {Of course this may depend on how often you wear them.}
               How to Wash -  place your scarf is in a garment bag, gentle cycle, cold water, and lay flat to dry, do not wring them out {as long as the scarf is not wool you should be able to pop it in the dryer on de-wrinkled for a few minutes then lay flat to dry}

Hats - 2-4 a season 
                 Assuming your hat didn't get all kinds of sweaty, once a month of wear should be fine. 
                How to Wash - Knit/Crochet hat - wash on the gentle cycle, cold water, lay flat to dry, do not wring them out. 
                 Cloche or felt {formed hats} - not really washable. Use Down dish soap and cool water to spot clean and use a Lysol to de-germ the interior of the hat {especially where it touches your head}.  

Slip Dresses/Slip Skirts  - Every 2-4 wears
                  This definitely depends on the season. During the winter because I wear my Nikibiki long sleeve and leggings under my slip dress its not touching my skin at all, so it does not need washed as frequently. During the summer I wash mine much more frequently because it is touching my skin and {lets be real} it's hot people sweat. 
                 How to Wash - place it in a garment bag, gentle cycle, cold water, hand to dry {I like to shake all the wrinkles out and make sure all the lace is laying down nicely too before hanging it up to dry}

Faux Fur {scarves/vests/stoles/etc} - 1-2 times per season 
                    I always try and make sure to wear something under my furs {real or faux - real fur is never suppose to touch your skin because of your oils, always have a silk scarf on hand to wear under it} and if I know I am going somewhere smokey/greasy/campfire/smelly/etc I simply don't wear it.
                  How to Wash {FAUX Fur} - Gentle cycle, cold water, hand or lay flat to dry, if it seeds a little fluffing stick in the dryer on LOW Hear for a few minutes} *I am not a "hand washer", so for more details on hand washing or even fixing up some of your faux fur check out the link below*

Don't have a garment bag? WHAT! These little babies are a must for making your clothing last longer. I got mine for maybe $1 or $2 at Walmart by the laundry totes but here is a link for on on Amazon too if you just want it to show up at your house {go for the ones with a zipper, not drawl string}

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Check out the full list and details from my sources: