Saturday, November 1, 2014

Layering Necklaces

As winter is quickly approaching we find ourselves layering everything...trying to keep warm while still looking fabulous. Layering jewelry is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe and create new looks from jewelry you already own! 

Check out these great secrets to layering your necklaces

  • Secret 1: Go for a graduated effect—delicate shorter necklaces with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces.

    Formula: delicate diamond + small gold charm + medium gold charm
  • Secret 2: Larger-than-life necklaces pair well with dainty chains.

    Formula: oversized statement necklace + long chain
  • Secret 3: For a collar effect, layer chunky necklaces that rest right on top of each other.

    Formula: chunky chain necklace + colorful lucite necklace + statement gold necklace
  • Secret 4: Personalize your collection with a letter or zodiac pendant.

    Formula: two small charm necklaces + pearl bar necklace + medium pendant necklace
  • Secret 5: Gold may be in vogue, but silver can feel more unique.

    Formula: dainty charm necklace + mid-length pendant + long statement pendant
  • Secret 6: Coin necklaces add an instant bohemian feel.
    Formula: beaded necklace + coin charm necklace + colored gemstone necklace
  • Secret 7: A lariat necklace is the best way to add length

    Formula: charm necklace + bar necklace + lariat necklace
  • Secret 8: Get a minimalist look by layering simple chains—no pendants needed!

    Formula: delicate choker + thin chains of varying lengths