Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter to Spring

Going from Winter to Spring is always exciting. You get to change out what you've been wearing for the past three and get into fabulous accessories full of colors, a new bright handbag, fun lightweight scarves and of course shaking off those big chunky sweaters for perfect little vests {and of course all that black}.
That being said, here in Indiana, it may be snowing in March and 34 degrees in April. The last thing you want to do is look like your getting off of a plane from Florida in Indiana when your headed out. You can still look like your ready for spring while keep warm.

Here are some great tips and tricks to keep you warm while looking nice and springy.

1. Color
Know what the "new" colors of spring are to easily stay on trend and up to date. Check out Pantone {}to see the Color of the Year and each This Spring Season {}. This years Color of the Year is Greenery. Also try some of this Spring Seasons colors Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut, Island Paradise, Pink Yarrow, Niagara, Kale, Lapis Blue and Flame.

2. Jewelry
Accessories are the key to easily adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.  Try a fun pink {try a Pale Dogwood or Pink Yarrow}, Greenery, or Blue {Island Paradise, Niagara or Lapis Blue} long necklace with a fun trendy tassel OR a great statement piece or a great statement earring with matching bracelet {a great option when paired with a scarf}.

3. Scarves
It's finally time to toss those thick, cozy blanket scarves and grab your light weight breathable scarves. Try one made with lace or one with tassels! It's time to have fun with your wardrobe! This is a great {and so easy} way to add color to any outfit. If its a little cooler out try a larger thin brightly colored scarf so it will keep you warm while you look springy.

3. Handbags
Do away with that dark gloomy handbag and get a great new fresh handbag. This is a great way to start your "spring cleaning". We end up with soooo much junk in our handbags they don't need. Empty yours out and whatever you do don't put it all in your new bag. Lighten your load. Try something fun!

4. Vests & Dusters
duster is a light, loose-fitting long coat, jacket or sweater - it should hit mid calf to top of your ankle {NO, this is not going to make you look shorter than you are, pairing this with a monotone outfit under it and a simple long necklace will actually make you look taller!}. Adding a pop of color with a light vest or duster on a cooler Indiana spring day is a great way to look and feel fabulous.
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5. Booties/Shooties/Ankle Boots
These are absolutely the most trendy way to take your wardrobe from winter to spring. They are fabulous paired with dresses or cuffed skinnies. Go for a lighter color, try and steer clear of black to keep a more springy feel {and before you say you only wear black, YES, you can wear light brown/taupe/stone booties with a black top or dress/tunic}.
Taupe Round Toe Ankle Cut Out Booties Philly-09: Pinterest ; sammymcgilli:
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6. Leggings 
Leggings for me are a must. I am always freezing cold and crazy pale {I would hate to blind someone by accident before my legs see the sun}. To help stay warm and covered but look nice and springy ditch the black leggings! That's right ladies, ditch the black leggings. I know they are an amazing staple and yes I am guilty of it too, but try a new color. You don't have to get crazy but try a navy or charcoal to start out then inch yourself towards a cloud grey, taupe, ivory or white. *Please note a LONG Tunic/Dress/Slip Dress is a MUST with lighter colored leggings  even though they are not see though {yes, even if your in amazing shape or 15, your booty and camel toe MUST MUST be covered}.
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