Saturday, December 29, 2012

Should old acquaintances be forgot and never brought to mind?

Reflection can be filled with emotion. While reflecting on 2012, I know, I feel so full of sadness. I have tried to focus on thrillingly happy moments, such as the gold medal moments of the Olympics. Even the heart warming milestones of my grandchildren have not been able to keep my eyes from filling with tears. The terrible events in Newtown Ct. seem to trump any joy.
I guess I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to understand how this could have happened. As society, have we put aside mental illness, have we been lax on gun control, was this bad parenting, could this be a greater plan by God?

I am beginning to believe there are things we cannot understand, that there are no answers. Human thinking can just have no answer that holds any rationality. Our brains are not wired to make sense of an atrocity of this magnitude.

What I have been made aware of is that most people are good loving people, wonderful parents, caring neighbors and compassionate members of society. When evil raises its ugly head, they fight back. Sometimes with just a hug, sometimes by showing social outrage against what they believe to be the cause of such injustice. So when a Facebook friend goes off on a rant about what thy believe to be the cause of the Newtown massacre, I realize it because they are being justified by showing social outrage, because they are that compassionate member of society. We all feel the need to do "something". So instead of getting angry at people for thier opinion, we must remember that it is their way of being full of sadness, just as you.
People should not ever live in fear of evil we must always have hope and dreams of our future, wether we are 5 or 105. We have got to be more respectful of each other. Respectful of all the things that make us unique, each others faith, race and opinions. These are the things that make us who we are. Regardless of these things, we must be willing to lend a hand, an ear and your heart.
My suggestion, for what it's worth, is that we reflect on ourselves and not so much on the events. What can we do to improve the compassion we demonstrate. We need to reflect on any judgement we may have made of others. We need to teach these things to our children. They will grow up to shape a more compassionate society. This would be the greatest gift we could ever give out children, the best way to protect them from a future world of evil.

So as we prepare for 2013, remember....respect! Lets make next years reflection, one that makes us proud of our actions. Try paying forward toward a brighter future for all of us. Ann Curry suggested that we do 26 acts of kindness for the memory of those we lost, I think that's a great start. What are you going to do?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reclaim yes Reclaim, your life

Are you a cook, caregiver, chauffeur and coach? Are you finding yourself threatening the safety, of any one who cuts you off at Starbucks. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who that woman is, in yoga pants and hubby's flannel shirt? Is your hair always in a pony til and topped with a Nike hat?
Ok, little Missy, SNAP OUT OF IT !
I am going to give you some tips for reclaiming your life. When you reclaim, you'll look and feel more in control and be a happier wife, girlfriend and mom!

The very first thing you have to do is make the commitment to SNAP OUT OF IT! Sometimes this is easiest done with a girlfriend or even your mom or daughter. Remember to take a conscience effort to do at least one thing on your reclaiming list. Ok now that all the rules have been said, lets make this fun!

If you work out, do it differently. Go to another gym or walk a new route! Easy right? Break habits, it keeps it fresh, it gives you new eyes to see yourself.

Have a girls day or evening. Go to dinner, grab a fattening dessert with your huddy, see a chic flick, whatever makes you happy, plan this at least bi-monthly, more if you can! Did I mention to look fabulous, yes, loose the yoga pants and grab some jeans and boots, cool scarf and jewelry. You aren't doing this for anyone but yourself! It will lift your spirits like you wouldn't believe. When your spirits are up, you have better color, your eyes are brighter and a smile, omg, what a smile can do!

Learn to meditate! Total relaxation, that doesn't cost a dime. Lighthouse: Guided Meditation - YouTube
► 2:58► 2:58
Jan 26, 2012 - Uploaded by innerspacemeditation
Empower yourself with this meditation -- dedicated to fully experiencing the light that shines ...

Start here! There is a ton of meditation music online, but this helps you if you've never meditated before.

Buy yourself something with aroma, a new perfume, that YOU like, not necessarily your man, this is for you, something that identifies you as a woman that is her own women. Little things like this will make you feel more empowered, more confident, and consequently more attractive.

Stop by Lyn-Marees pick up a little something to show off that new YOU. While there pick something up for another woman in your life, brightening her day and maybe getting her to join you for self improvement. Paying it forward is the most fulfilling of all.

Try to put together a fresh new hair cut! You already know how good that is, but try to update for the new YOU. Get a do that you want. Don't get a do to please anyone but you!

As you begin to come out of your box, seriously, stop by Lyn-Maree's and we can help you pull it all together. No matter if your 20 or 120 we can help you, showing you how to have a cohesive style.
Merry Christmas from all of us!

Next week: The effect of color!
Join us weekly for LynMarees jewels! Can't wait until next week?. Swing in! We are waiting for you

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sparkling information!!

I love sparkles, it makes ordinary things special. So many times customers will walk into the store, look at something with rhinestones and say " I never go anywhere special" and keep on looking. We tell them to try mixing it up with ordinary pieces or just adding a piece to a plain t and some jeans. People should not be intimidated by sparkle! Sometimes a little sparkle can just make you feel a little special and honestly, it looks like a million!
I started wondering what all rhinestones were, I knew about crystals from Austria, but what else could I find out about them? I have been in this biz for a long time and I really learned a lot about rhinestones, so I thought I would share.
One question that most customers have is;
What does ‘AB’ mean?

AB stands for Aurora Boreale; a special coating that is applied to the surface of a glass stone or bead to produces a very light rainbow effect that leans toward a pale yellow tone, but also shimmers in pink and blue. This coating is most effective on Crystal stones but also gives a beautiful depth and hue to other colors. When applied on a color stone, it changes the color just slightly and gives it a rainbow effect.

A question I had was why are they called rhinestones?

The Rhine in rhinestone is the Rhine River, and rhinestone is a translation into English of the French phrase caillou du Rhin. Originally a rhinestone was a kind of rock crystal that was found in or near the Rhine. Other types of rock crystal, such as Cornish diamond, were given similar fancy names. Because rhinestones could be made to imitate diamonds, the name rhinestone was applied to artificial gems made from paste, glass, or gem quartz and as a result often carries a connotation of showbiz glitz. Rhinestones are usually chatons with no hole and a foil back to increase reflectivity. Leave it to the French! Ooh la la!

One last questioning inquiry lead me to this little nugget or information! To clean rhinestones simply use alcohol ( rubbing alcohol, for Pete sake, don't waste the vodka!) on a q tip. Avoid getting water on rhinestones as water will tarnish the foil on the back of the stones.

I hope you found this interesting and maybe helpful. Ck back for more tips!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Blues

As I have been perusing the Internet trying to find deals on toys for my grandchildren and adding up all the money it is going to take to make it a magical Christmas for all of them, I am falling into a deep depression! All the joy of holiday parties, family gatherings and Christmas spirit leaves me for the reality.... The reality is that I can't afford this!
Leaving little or no money for that cool new outfit for the company party. No money left to jazz up for New Years Eve. One word comes to mind..... Crap! I know that is not in the Christmas dictionary, but that is how you feel. This makes you feel not so glamorous , not so sparkly, not so full of the holiday spirit.
Well, friends, there is a solution! By coming into the store, we can help you overcome this case of Holiday Blues!
Everyone has a little black dress, black tee or turtleneck. Put it on and come in! We can show you how to turn it from frumpy to fabulous for about $ 20, maybe less. Actually, it doesn't even have to be black, we can work wonders on anything, it's just that we know you have that safe black piece. We all have those pieces that make us look thinner... Lol.
We can take you from classy to flashy, from subtle to sexy even from grandma to GLAM am.
So please stop in and let us help cheer your Holiday Blues. Remember, you may have a friend or family member that is in the same situation and this would make the perfect gift for her without breaking the bank. Lifting ones self esteem, lifts the spirit.

We offer free gift wrap, boxes and gift certificates!

Merry Christmas to all of you and a blessed New Year from your favorite ladies Ag Lyn-Maree's!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Accessorizing throughout the ages

Men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry since long before the age of reason! Garlands of flowers, bracelets of woven grass, shells, and stone; such were the first decorations to beautify the human body. We may have been wearing jewelry as far back as 75,000 years ago - 30,000 years earlier than previously believed - according to a recent report by National Geographic News.

Over the millennia, jewelry styles and materials have evolved in step with the advances of civilization. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, from the Iron Age to the Industrial Revolution (and seemingly back again!), styles have transformed, modernized, and then often returned to their most basic forms and essential elements.

So bottom line here is at Lyn-Maree's we cater not only to all age groups we cater to all styles. Something from classic to contemporary, trendy to timeless. Even our ancestors knew accessories were FUN. Stop in and let us show you how to pull it all together today.

Have a Fabulous Day & Hope to see You soon!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion and accessorizing for the chronologically challenged

Yes, we know who we are! We want to look younger, but not foolish. We want our kids and grand kids not to roll their eyes when we walk in the room!
This may be cheesy but my first suggestion is to pay attention to the Chicos commercials! Really, they are great to keep in tune with what is hot for us! Cheap way to be a glam am instead of a grandma. Then.... You go to work!
Start with your closet, what do you have in there? Don't be afraid to open the black hole, knock down the cob webs,be brave and go in! Find a white button up shirt you may have to buy some new jeans, no grandma jeans allowed, top it with a black or khaki jacket, push up the sleeves and yes, it's ok that it doesn't button anymore. You're almost there! Flip up the collar on that blouse, tuck your shirt in, add a belt! Even if your waist is larger than last year! There are cute stretch belts, they are soooo forgiving. Put it over the loops. Add some cute flats if necessary, but make sure they are cute not orthopedic looking but if possible some heals, they don't have to be stilettos ,but again don't make them look like your grandmas! Or then there are cute boots... Maybe you should go shopping after all! Lol
Now, lets get down to business... Accessories! You can go several ways here depending on your style. A great scarf loosely around your neck in your favorite colors and add a stack of bangles and some dangly earrings. And Bam.. You're gorgeous! Or add multiple chains and some bigger than you usually wear, earrings! It's really not hard to freshen up your look, you just have to be brave enough to come out of you box, the one that keeps you non descript and unnoticed. Mature women are beautiful! Let yourself shine,feel confident and look terrific.
This is where LynMarees can help guide you to magnificent. We can show you how to do all this, show you how to shop for the exact look you want. No where else offers this expertise for free! Come in and let us make to feel as fabulous on the outside as you are on the inside.
Have a Fabulous Day & Hope to see You soon!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Great fashion tips...easy, easy, easy

I have been looking for great fashion tips to use to blog about this week.  I have discovered that most websites are for college age girls!  I'm thinking ,"wait a minute..."  What about young career women and young moms. Hey they need help sometimes too, after all college girls already have the fashion thing down anyway, right?  I also believe that young career women have a real dilemma, do they continue to dress like they did in college or go way conservative.  Then you have the young mom that is running around in yoga pants and t-shirts, hair in a ponytail and a baseball cap. There seems like no time for mom. This makes moms loose their identity.  So by following samples of  the looks of your favorite celebrity , you can copy the LOOK, not the outfit and accessories.  This s where the "you" comes into it.  Young career women, watch actress on tv series to see what they are wearing, like 30 Rock, for example.  Find a look you like and then with inspirations you can make your own individual look.

You will find that you discover a look you like over and over then realize more of what your style actually is. Use pintrest to save inspiration photos, collect them for a few days and then go back and look at them, you'll see a pattern. There is your style! Now your ready to make it your own, which is the important part! You do not want to be a copy cat, that is just lazy and way expensive.

Shop your closet!  But start with what you have you'll be surprised. Organize your closet, start left to right, start with tops,pick what color you wear the least to the color you wear the most.  Do the same when you get to skirts,pants,and jeans.  Separate suit pieces, hang the tops with tops of the same color, bottoms with other bottoms of the same color as well.  Use this plan with scarves and the best you can with accessories. I do my jewelry by style not color. After all, it's a look I'm going for not a color scheme.

Shop for some new accessories to freshen up those newly configured outfits!  By adding the least     expensive part of your outfit (accessories) you can save a bundle while individualizing it to reflect YOU! Make it you by adding earrings that remind you of that style you saved on Pintrest.  Add some bangles that you find interesting, remember you are being individual.  You will look like a million, feel like a million, and... Still have money in your pocket, you may have to pick up some scarves, some jackets or sweaters but you probably have everything you need in your closet.  Try this method and I think you will be surprised. Bring your pieces in and we can show you how all this works!  Where else can you find this service for free? You've got to at least try this, what have you got to loose?

Don't forget to leave a comment about what you woul dlike to see blogged about next!
And always remeber to Stay Fabulous!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a piece of fabric....

I have spent the morning looking for the best link to share to demonstrate scarf tying. After as search that has made me cross eyed and caused me to drink a full pot of coffee. I have decided this... Come in and let us show you...
Watching these is sometimes like learning to tie a mans tie backward for those of us that are coordinatly challenged. But if you insist just ck out you tube there are many and kind of fun to watch. Don't shy away because you don't feel comfortable with your tying skills. We can show you and give you plenty of ideas... It's only a piece of fabric
You may be a plain dressed jean girl, but you can always run a scarf through you belt loops for a little color and style.or tie one on your purse. Th is is a really cute way to add color. Even in jeans and a jean jacket, think how cute a little bandana could look on your purse. Even for evening wear you can always add a touch of sparkle to your evening bag or use a metallic or organza scarf for a wrap. ( perfect solution for those of us who have an issue with " sleeveless") all that and it just a piece of fabric....

Over the years we have sold scarves for just about everything, so all you have to do is be creative. We have sold pashminas for runners on a Christmas table, scarf of a baby grand piano, scarf for a dresser or sideboard. We had a woman buy one for pillow covers. You name it I recently saw on Pintrest using one for a camera strap, what w way to look snazzy on a vacation. Cutting one, you can bedazzle flip flops. Try replacing a handle on a purse with a scarf. It's darling, I saw that one on a woman shopping at Von Maur, I complimented her bag and she told me what she had done. After all... It's just a piece of fabric.

You can always use scarves in your hair too, adding some color around a ponytail or tied as a headband, maybe tying a sied knot for an almost fascination look. Don't forget the little divas in our lives, like scarves too. Again using them in their hair is so cute and makes them feel so special. Use them for a little girls belt to, taking a plain little sundress to Sunday special..... After all it's just a piece of fabric.

I've tried to spark your creative side when it comes to scarves and I hope I have succeeded. I hope your head is spinning while you create your style with scarves, but most of all, I hope, I have taken some of the intimidation away. If all else fails... Come in and we would be happy to show you ideas. And remember, it's only a little piece of fabric.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finding your personal style

I have been layed up for a few days with foot problems which causes a terrible side effect, online browsing, and occasional purchasing. While I courageously dealt with these side effects, I have noticed how much is nothing more than more of the same. Cookie cutter women of all ages, mimicking the same looks. There are different types of fashion personalities. There is CLASSIC, TRENDY, ROMANTIC, CAUSAUL and SPORTY. I tend to lean toward CLSSIC, this does not have to be boring. For example, I enjoy tailored clothes, and timeless pieces. TRENDY is self explaining, finding your comfort zone in the latest fashion and trends. The ROMANTIC find enjoyment in lace, flowing skirts, cameos and soft dresses. The SPORTY is most at home in a running suit, t's with hood and yoga pants. The CUSUAL girl wears jeans and looks like she is ready for that weekend in the country. SO... My point of all this is how to be your own personality, but by adding a few accessories to make it your personal style.
Let's say you are that classic woman, try adding a trendy tribal scarf or jewelry, staying true to your personality, but not being like everyone else you pass on the street. Say tou are one of the sporty types, try black dress pants with your little hoodie t and add pearls or a coordinating scarf. That little element you borrow from the other personalities add that element of individualism. Just try it, see just how more up to date you'll look and feel. Stop in any time and we will be more than happy to assist you. We have always believed this process to be so important, this is why we order in 1's, meaning you can always be assured you will not meet yourself.
I promised I would include the jewelry cleaner recipe. Here it is

1 cup of hot water
1 Tbsp of Salt
1 Tbsp of Baking Soda
1 Tbsp of Dish Soap

Mix all the ingredients together in a dish
Place your jewelry in the mixture for no longer than 30 minutes
Scrub the jewelry and rinse with warm water
Dump the solution and make a new batch next time

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Gardening in Our Wardrobe

Spring always make us want to spruce up ourselves, our homes and garden. Although these things so different, they are much the same. Color function and theme are things they all have in common. Using thesed common denominators can make the process much simpler. For instance, if you have dressy coral dress and you need it to look more polished, you put a coral necklace on it, it disappears, losing the function, if you put a casual wood bead on it, you loose theme however if you would add a citrus color maybe a crystal or with a few pearls, you suddenly have color, function and theme.

When you plant a garden you always add contrast but stay within a theme. Think of yourself as planting your garden and you can't go wrong. I realize, probably more than I should, that sometimes we just draw a blank, that's what we are here for. Right here in Auburn, so close for so much help. I want to leave you a thought to ponder on. We as women are someone's role model. Rather it be a student, a daughter, granddaughter, showing pride in our appearance and demeanor can shape a young girls mind. Show her confidence and kindness and strengh. Hey, us girls have to stick together right?

I am going to include the recipe for homemade jewelry cleaner next time and who knows what else I will dig up.

Be kind to one another.

And as always for photos and more information about Lyn-Maree's check out our Facebook Page