Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make getting ready easier

Ever wonder why Lyn-Maree's only carries neutral clothing? 
Or why I only carry what I call "Accessory Clothing"?

Getting ready in the morning should be quick, easy and virtually effortless.

I'm not a morning person so I need a quick, easy morning routine that ends up in me still looking "stylish" for my day at the boutique. For me a quick morning routine starts with the closet.

Here are 8 simple steps to simplify your closet....and did I mention you can still do all of this and be trendy, up to date and stylish without spending a fortune.... 

Step No. 1: Confront your closet (and dresser, don't forget about that). Can you even see what's in there? Start the clean out by cleaning your closet...yes one piece at a time...
While your clearing out your closet put your clothing into 3 piles
  • Keep it - This pile is for clothing you love
    • Have worn in the last 12 months
    • Fit you right now
    • Are not stained or over washed
    • And YES, the clothing must fit ALL of those categories. If you are wishy/washy about a garment, Donate it!
  • Donate it - This pile is where MOST of your closet will be ending up. 
  • Toss it - This pile is if for all the clothing that is stained, discolored, over washed and worn, tearing, etc.
*Note: If you hesitate over an item, for even a second, you don't love it, donate it*
Place the clothes you love on your bed. Arrange the articles by type: jeans, pants, shirts, etc.
Step No. 2: Examine the items on the bed to see if a theme emerges. Is everything blue? Perhaps you chose clothes sewn only from comfortable fabrics. Did you choose only your best-fitting pair of jeans? Did you leave all the skirts in the closet?
By examining the clothes you love in a vacuum—that is, without the rest of your wardrobe surrounding them and clamoring for attention—you will see a pattern. Maybe you like striped shirts best. Or maybe you really only feel comfortable in black. Next time you are on the verge of a purchase, think back to this moment: how would the new piece you are considering fit in with your favorites?
Step No. 3: Make outfits. How many different ways can you mix key pieces to create different looks? Lay out as many ensembles as possible. (Helpful Hint: snap photos with your phone of each outfit; when you wake up tomorrow morning and can't decide what to wear, you can remind yourself of the possibilities.)
Step No. 4: Edit. Are there favorite pieces that didn't make the cut when you were putting together outfits? Take them off the bed...add those to the Donate pile. 
Step No. 5: Pick and choose. Ask yourself: Is there essential piece missing? If you go back to your closet to get a particular jacket or shirt or pair of pants you now regret placing in the donate pile, will that article of clothing enable you to create several more outfits? If so, grab it. *this is the ONLY time you can get back into the that up and seal it so you cant pull anything else out*
Step No. 6: Repair, replace buttons, and iron every piece of clothing that needs attention. If an item doesn't fit properly, take it to the tailor; shorten the sleeves, nip in the waist, lift a hemline to the most flattering length. If you don't want to make that investment, get rid of the piece. Trust me, it doesn't look good on you.
Step No. 7: Go through your Keep pile, find 10 of your key favorite pieces that your able to create LOTS of outfits from (outfit ideas from step no. 3) Put those back in your closet, on hangers or shelves where they are most visible and accessible. Most of these pieces are likely to be neutrals {black, brown/cocoa/tan, grey, white/ivory, navy}

  • This would be where my Slip Dresses, Slip Skirts, fav Cardigan, Blazer, Overlays, "Little" Black Dress, Nikibiki Leggings and Tops, fav pair of Jeans are located 
  • Keeping my basic "everyday" items in neutrals helps provide an array of outfit choices from the same pieces {getting more bang for my buck} then I add pops of fun colors in using my jewelry and scarves. 
Step No. 8: Put the rest of your Keep clothing pile back in your closet 

  • Arrange by Color and Long Dresses to T Shirts  - DO NOT hang any outfits/suits/matching tops & bottoms together - 
  • If you have a work uniform do keep those all together 
  • See September 2014 "Organizing your Closet" for further instructions on how to organize your closet to get the most out of your clothing

Slip Dresses pictured on the Left 
Slip Skirts pictured on the Right 

Hat Etiquette 101

As hats are coming more trendy {thank goodness because they are saving us from the sun and wrinkles} I've started wearing them more often I found myself wondering...

"What is the etiquette on when I can can leave my hat on and when I need to take it off?"

Fashion hats (not baseball-style caps) can be left on

  • In someone's home
  • At luncheons, weddings, garden parties
  • At religious services
  • At a movie or any indoor performance
  • When the national anthem is played
  • When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade

Take your fashion hat off

  • Anytime it blocks someone's view, such as at a wedding or in a theater
  • Indoors at work

Remove baseball-style (unisex) caps {who knew there was a difference?}

  • In someone's home
  • At mealtimes, at the table
  • While being introduced
  • In a house of worship, unless a hat or head covering is required
  • Indoors at work, unless required for the job
  • In public buildings such as a school, library, courthouse, or town hall
  • In restaurants and coffee shops
  • At a movie or any indoor performance
  • When the national anthem is played
  • When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade